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Spark Circles

We currently offer three enrichment-based small group sessions weekly to enhance connection, foster creativity, and build communication. Our spark circles are inclusive groups for children ranging in age from 2-21 with varying degrees of support. Please read below for more information on our groups and plans. 

Origami Toys

Everyday NLA 

Our Everyday NLA homeschool co-op focuses on supporting identified of suspected gestalt language processors as they explore a variety of topics and interests through many movement and sensory based activities.

Indoor Playground

Unleashed Expression

Our unleashed expression AAC group focuses on allowing children to express themselves using their preferred mode of communication while enjoying creative and engaging activities. 

Acting Rehearsal

Social Strengths

Our social strengths group focuses on supporting students in the areas of social skills and executive functioning through rich discussion, neurodiversity-affirming practices and creative activities. These groups are currently offered in partnership with The Marshall School in Fredericksburg, VA and are only available to current or previous TMS students.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Bronze Spark Circle Plan

    Every month
    Our bronze level enrichment group package includes one weekly enrichment session
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