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School-Based Therapy Reimagined

The state of education is shifting, are you ready to evolve with it?

1 in 7

As of 2024 approximately

children have been diagnosed with a learning disability

As of 2024 approximately


of the world's population has dyslexia.


An estimated

of children have ADHD

Source - National Center for Learning Disabilities

What We Do

We partner with childcare facilities, private schools, and charter schools to support student growth outcomes by providing speech-language and occupational therapy services to students and consultative services to educators. Our team helps independent schools foster inclusive environments using our private practice on-site model, billing insurance, and offering package pricing directly to families to reduce overall costs for schools while providing quality care to each student. 

Our comprehensive support services include a minimum of four hours of professional development,10 hours of 1:1 consultation per quarter for educators and two Q&A sessions for parents per year. For more information about our partnership options please contact us at

Educational Testing 

Our center offers comprehensive educational evaluations to provide schools and educators with detailed information about their students' performance. 

Our assistive technology assessments analyze a student's current needs and include detailed recommendations on what low and high-tech supports will benefit them most in the educational setting. 

Our augmentative and alternative communication assessments analyze a student's current communication needs and abilities. We partner with a variety of AAC device companies to aid in receiving the most appropriate system for each individual student.

For inquiries regarding our testing services please contact us at

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