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Services designed to meet your needs.

Our practice offers a comprehensive range of therapy services that are tailored to accommodate the evolving needs of our clients and their families. Our services comprise individual therapy sessions, caregiver coaching, and on-demand practice activities to cater to the diverse needs of our clients.

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Client Centered Services

Clinic Based Services

We understand that effective communication skills are fundamental to a child's overall development and well-being. Our highly trained and compassionate team of speech and language therapists work closely with children to address their unique challenges and unlock their full potential. By employing evidence-based techniques and tailored treatment plans, we empower children to overcome obstacles, build confidence, and thrive in their personal and academic pursuits.​

School Based Services

We offer comprehensive school-based services designed to support the communication needs of students in educational settings. Our team of highly trained speech and language therapists collaborates closely with schools to provide individualized therapy plans tailored to each student's unique needs. Through evidence-based techniques and personalized interventions, we empower students to overcome communication challenges, build confidence, and succeed academically. Whether it's supporting language development, improving social communication skills, or addressing specific speech disorders, we are dedicated to fostering inclusive and nurturing environments where every student can thrive.

Parent Support Services

Our parent support sessions provide families with valuable strategies and support to reinforce therapy goals at home. By involving parents as partners in their child's therapy journey, we ensure a holistic approach to communication development and create a collaborative support system for each student.

Enrichment Groups

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Everyday NLA

Our Everyday NLA homeschool co-op focuses on supporting identified or suspected gestalt language processors as they explore a variety of topics and interests through many movement and sensory-based activities.

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Unleashed Expression

Our unleashed expression AAC group focuses on allowing children to express themselves using their preferred mode of communication while enjoying creative and engaging activities. 

School Kids

Social Strengths

Our social strengths group focuses on supporting students in the areas of social skills and executive functioning through rich discussion, neurodiversity-affirming practices and creative activities. These groups are currently offered in partnership with The Marshall School in Fredericksburg, VA and are only available to current or previous TMS students.

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