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Kids in Preschool

  Build Connection.

Enhance Communication.

Foster Community.

Not just a pediatric therapy center, but a community. 

At The Language Arc, we know that feeling left out can be hard. We help our clients improve their communication skills, so they can feel more connected with their community. We work together with families, caregivers, and community members to create a plan that meets our clients' needs. By focusing on our clients' strengths and building connections with others, we help them feel happier and more confident in their everyday lives.

Our clinic offers individual and small group services in the following areas to best meet the needs of our clients: 


Speech and Language Therapy Services 

Literacy Services 

Executive Functioning Services 

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Reading Digital Book
Painting Class

Curated Client


One-on-One Client Services 

Enrichment Groups

Professional Consultation

 Love from the

In 2016, our family received the news that our son had Dyslexia. I immediately reached out to Ms. Jackson to inform her of the diagnosis. To our surprise, Ms. Jackson went above and beyond our expectations by taking the initiative to research and provide a detailed plan to assist our son with his speech and reading without us even having to ask for her help.


As of today, our son has exceeded our expectations and has become a well-spoken high school freshman, excelling as a Junior National Honor Society and Honor Roll student. He has successfully met all of his goals and no longer requires a Speech Pathologist either in school or privately.

I.C - TLA Parent 

I have known Londyn her entire life. It has been amazing getting to work with her on a professional level. I am constantly in awe of the level of love and care she shows my daughter while she is working with her. She knows just when to push her harder and when to ease up. Our entire family has gained a lot of knowledge about AAC from working with Londyn. She is a beautiful SLP and a great person

C.J - TLA Parent

Mother and Baby on Floor

Empowering Parents with Knowledge and Support

Early intervention is crucial in addressing speech, language, and hearing disorders. Children who receive early treatment have better outcomes in communication and language development, academic achievement, and social interactions. The earlier the intervention, the sooner strategies can be implemented and turned into habits. Early detection and intervention also save time and costs associated with long-term therapy or special education. Do you have concerns regarding your child's communication skills? Click below to check out the speech and language developmental norms.  

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