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Kids in Preschool

  Build Connection.

Enhance Communication.

Foster Community.

Not just a pediatric therapy center, but a community. 

At The Language Arc, we know that feeling left out can be hard. We help our clients improve their communication skills, so they can feel more connected with their community. We work together with families, caregivers, and community members to create a plan that meets our clients' needs. By focusing on our clients' strengths and building connections with others, we help them feel happier and more confident in their everyday lives.

Our clinic offers individual and small group services in the following areas to best meet the needs of our clients: 


Speech and Language Therapy Services 

Literacy Services 

Executive Functioning Services 

Ready to learn more? Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation call. 

Reading Digital Book
Painting Class

Curated Client


Educational Consultation

Caregiver Wellness and Support


Coming Soon!

A one-stop shop for the latest toys, games, and products for endless fun and support at home! 

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